My previous tiny projects ( Screenshots need to add)

1. My Very First Shooting Games. I created these by using Visual Basic 6 since 2006. Please click the below links to DOWNLOAD and PLAY game for Microsoft Windows. They are EXE files.

Super Man Shooter – I

Shark Hunter

Super Man Shooter – II

I modified by using the moving cloud demo software of VB Form of the tutorial and adding the click event to the moving object. That’s all. It was my childhood proud memory 🙂 . I could showoff to my friends with my created games! Haha.

2. This is my “Copy and Move software”, created with C# dot Net when I attended the C# course. The reason that I create is, I’m always shooting photos and keep them by grouping. So that I had faced the trouble of copying photos and some files from folder to folder. So I had got the idea of this and use it at my own. You can also download and use it at Microsoft Windows only.

Copy and Move (*.rar file)


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